What is Glostars?
Glostars is a photo-sharing platform where you can upload pictures to share with friends or public or to submit in photo competition. Along with connecting you with your friends we aim to reward and recognize the pictures you share on our platform based on community voting.

Who can use Glostars?
Starting from 13 years old anyone can Sign up at Glostars.

Is there any cost for me as user of Glostars?
No, the service is completely free of charge.

Do I lose copyright on the picture which I share on Glostars?
No, Glostars does not reserve the rights on the shared pictures unlike many other photo sharing services.

Who can win prizes at Glostars Photo Competition?
Anyone who submit pictures in competition in accordance to terms and conditions can win prizes.

How winners are selected?
Winners are selected based on the highest number of stars (or rating).

Who can see my photos?
You can either make a picture visible for public or only for your friends.

Are there themes for competitions?
No, you can submit any photo complying with terms and conditions of the competition.

Do I have to have a good camera to take part in competition?
No, the quality of the photo is not the focus point, matter is the popularity of your picture.

How do I know my personal information is secure?
All the information and contents uploaded at Glostars are hosted at Microsoft platform, which ensures highest possible security.

How do I collect my prize?
All prizes must be claimed within one week after announcement. It is preferred to collect it in person but other alternatives must be agreed with Glostars.