About us

Glostars is a photo-sharing platform which allows individuals, groups or organizations to share pictures among global audience. In contrast to existing platforms, it has competition feature running on regular basis where a user can win exciting prizes based on community voting. Moreover, Glostars is not only a platform for competing for prizes, user can share picture among very limited circle or for all too; thus user has full freedom in sharing picture here at Glostars. Additionally, we do not take the rights of the content shared on our platform. Thus you can share your content without fear of losing the rights on it!

What we Offer

Currently user can share, star (or vote) picture and grow network among a global community. While sharing picture, a user can share it only among mutual followers (i.e. when both parties are following each other) or with public or can submit in photo competition. Among the pictures submitted in competition, we give prizes to the highest starred (or voted) picture every week, every month and finally the grand prizes at the end of competition term (i.e. after every 4 months in a calendar year). Moreover, at the end of the competition term we organize Photo Exhibition with top 50 pictures of that term.

How are we different?

  • We reward and recognize people‚Äôs photography on regular basis through prizes and spot in exhibition
  • We do not take copyrights of the shared picture
  • We offer better control in sharing your pictures online

Our Achievements

We started our operation globally in January 2016. And in this short time we have awarded more than 80 pictures coming from different parts of the world. Also, we have organized 3 international photo exhibitions in Finland portraying over 150 top voted pictures.